Honoring those Lee Residents who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom. You are not forgotten. God Bless!


Civil War


Civil War Honor Roll-Marble Tablets located in the Lee Town Hall.


Thomas Barneck

Henry L. Beach

George B. Benedict

Quentin F.Bliss

Henry F. Burghard

John R. Claflin

Henry A. Collins

Edgar H. Combs

Edward W. Coope

Hugh Dolan

Henry M.Evans

Harvey Fisher

William Foley

Charles w. Freeman

Henry A.Gifford (youngest)

John Harrington

William H. Henderson

Lyman J. Ingram

Eugene L.Ingersoll

Egbert J. Jacquins

Edwin A. Jackson

Patrick Keiley

Michael Keyes

Horace Lemley

Asher Livingston

Dennis McDonough

John H. Merrill

Capt. Franklin W. Pease

George F.Phinney

George M. Pell

James Richards

William Ross

Hirman Sheffield

Aaron Spencer

Lewis W. Spofford

James S. Stedman

Thomas J. Tarmey

World War I 1917-1918

Lee World War I Memorial

Bossidy, James R.
Carty, John T.
Crerar, Thomas M.
Fanning, Thomas J.
Griffin, Russel R.
Gross, Harry F.
Noonan, Charles T.
Parker, Harold M.
Parker, Milton D.
Roberts, Ivan D.

World War II 1941-1946

Arioli, Eugene
Armstrong, James
Bonafin, Eugene L.
Brace, Harold M.
Burt, Thomas
Carpenter, Thomas F.
Corey, Herbert
Cory, George E.
Cross, Harry
Davis, Joseph
Gage, Ralph A.
Leahey, John L.
McGoldrick, Peter
Murray, Francis
Pera, Aldo
Pezzotini, Victor J.
Richmond, John W.
Turner, Donald L.

Whalen, Donald

Korean War 1950-1955

Abderhalden, William
Turner, Kenneth

Vietnam War 1961-1975

Cummings, Charles R.
Stevenson, Bruce
Termini, James M.
Whalen, Michael

Persian Gulf War 1990-1991

We honor the veterans of Lee who served in the Persian Gulf War and we are thankful that they returned home safely.



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